Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch (XM-100)

When hefty jobs require more than muscle

The Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch is an easy-to-use, portable tool that turns a chainsaw motor’s high-speed revolutions into low-speed powerful turns. It is the epitome of versatility, compatible with both gas and electric chainsaws!

The Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch can be attached to a chainsaw as easily as any cutter bar, and can be taken off just as quickly. Our chainsaw winch brings even more to the table by taking something out: weight. The Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch frame contains more aluminium to shave off extra load, something any operator is sure to appreciate. The added aluminium also makes it last longer because it is non-corrosive and sturdy. The Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch is a truly a worthwhile addition to your equipment line-up.

Extremely Tough
  • Rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing
  • Uses oil-bathed steel gears
Extremely Strong
  • variable line speed of 60 to 80 ft/min
  • able to pull 4,000 lbs. in a straight line
  • able to pull 8,000 lbs using one winch snatch block
Extremely Lightweight - 22 lbs./10 kg without the cable
Extremely Versatile
Includes a Universal Adaptor Kit to fit any chainsaw
  • Can be anchored to:
    • the ground using a ground anchor
    • a tree stump using a cant hook
    • a vehicle using a trailer hitch mount
Each Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch set includes
Powerhouse Chainsaw Winch (XM-100)
150 feet long 3/16" galvanized aircraft cable with a safety hook
Break Handle
Universal Adaptor Kits to fit all chainsaws
Owner’s Manual
One year free-replacement warranty from the manufacturer

[Download Manual]