Kinetic Log Splitter

Introducing the Powerhouse Flywheel Log Splitter, the most powerful and versatile small electric Log Splitter in itís class on the market today.

With the latest Kinetic Flywheel Technology, the Powerhouse Flywheel Log Splitter is faster and more powerful than similarly powered compact hydraulic log splitters on the market. Itís like comparing the power and speed of a bicycle to a speed bike. This is because the Powerhouse Flywheel has a cycle time of 1 second as opposed to a cycle time of 20 seconds for standard hydraulic splitters.

Telescoping Wedge makes the Powerhouse Kinetic Log Splitter the most versatile on the market
Maximum splitting force of up to 12 tons
Maximum log splitting length of up to 24 inches
Maximum log splitting diameter of up to 12+ inches
Maximum cycle time of 1 second
Auto retracting ram
Can be operated indoors or outdoors
Easy to operate due to its simple design
Practically no maintenance required unlike hydraulic splitters that you must check the hydraulic fluid levels periodically and add fluid when needed
Easy to move/transport with its built in handle and 6 inch wheels
Easy storage, even in your car trunk, due to its compact design
Motor: 3 HP/2200 Watts, working current 18 Amps
Telescope Wedges (Three settings): 22" length, 19.6" length, and 17.7" length
Wedge Height: 5 inches
Product Dimensions: L 49 x W 12 x H 25 inches
Product Weight: 132lbs
Flywheel Weight: 12.5 lbs x 2
Flywheel Diameter: 12 inches
Maximum Flywheel speed: 490 RPM
Frame make: 3 mm thick powder coated steel
Certifications: GS, CE
Guarantee: 12 months