Powerhouse XM-320 5 Ton Log Splitter

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Portable It is small and lightweight with built-in wheels making it easier to move around any work area.
Powerful Its hydraulic ram delivers 5-tons of power making all your log splitting tasks quick and easy.
Electric Powered It has a reliable, electric powered, hydraulic system that eliminates the expenses and hassle of maintaining a small gas engine. Just plug it in and start splitting logs.
Hydraulic Ram The powerful hydraulic ram splits logs in a safe, controlled manner, without the need for axes, sledge hammers or wedges.
Two-Hand Safety Control Its built-in safety design keeps your hands away from the log and splitter during operation.
Durable Steel Construction With its welded steel construction and enclosed design you get a tough and durable log splitter you can depend on for many years.


Product Specificatoins
Electric Motor Input: 120 volts / 60 hertz / 1,500 watts / 12.5 amp / 2 hp / 2,850 rpm
Log Cutting Capacity: 520 mm (length), 50 to 300 mm (diameter)
Maximum Force: 5 Tons
Ram Travel: 385 mm
Ram Diameter: 55 mm
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 2.9 liters
Over-all Dimensions: 980 mm (length) x 270 mm (width) x 520 mm (height)
Net Weight: 46 kg
Includes: Manual, Warranty Card, Spanner and Rubber Gasket